VBS 2018 Game On Alternative Craft Ideas

Looking for Cheap alternative craft ideas for Lifeway VBS 2018 Game On? I know you are, right? I listed 3 VBS 2018 Game On Alternative Craft Ideas below. You can find a complete list with picture tutorials in the Game On Decorations eBook available October 1, 2017. These three crafts are focused on the Biblical Stories in Game On VBS 2018. The eBook consists of these plus the rest for Day 3 and Day 5 as well as non-Biblical Story crafts but are related to the Game On theme.

Just a note: I am in no way affiliated with Lifeway. Ideas presented below and in the eBook as well as printables are created by me and are inspired by the 2018 VBS theme.

Alternative How to Decorate for VBS 2018 Game On eBook

#Lifeway VBS 2018 Game On Alternative Craft Ideas

Game On Alternative Craft Idea Day 1

Lost Sheep Craft

On Day 1 kids will learn about The Lost Sheep. Luke 15:1-7.

Shaun the sheep Invitation

What you Need:

  • White and black card-stock or construction paper
  • White pom poms or cotton balls
  • googly eyes
  • Tacky Glue or Elmer’s Glue

You can get the construction paper, cotton balls and googly eyes at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree also has tacky glue in the craft section.

The Sheep SVG file is FREE to download.


How to Make:

  1. Cut the Sheep out of cardstock using the SVG file on a cuttable machine.

Shaun the sheep face2. Glue the black to the white backing. You can buy tacky glue from Dollar Tree.

Tacky Glue Dollar Tree3. Glue on the Googly Eyes. Dollar Tree sells 125 count for $1. Amazon has a deal for 1200 count for under $5.

4. Glue on the Cotton Balls or Pom Poms. You can purchase 100 count cotton balls from Dollar Tree for $1 or you can get 1000 for $10 on Amazon. Vakly Kit - Curity Medium Prepping Cotton Balls - 2 Packs Of 500 (1000 Total)

Cotton Balls Dollar Tree


Game On Alternative Craft Idea Day 2

Lazuras Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This is a simple craft that can be used for the preschool children.

What you Need:

  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • White strips of streamer or toilet paper
  • Tape
  • Googley Eyes

How to Make:

  1. Cut the streamers in strips in length as desired. There is no better pricing than Dollar Tree! 2 pack of 70 ft for $1

White Crepe Paper Streamers, 70½-ft., 2-ct. Packs

2. Get googly eyes from Dollar Tree.

3. Use glue dots or tape for kids to attach their strips to the toilet paper.

Get the completed entire Lazarus Craft Tutorial with pictures here.


Start now and request your church to save their rolls. Have a designated container to collect at the church.


Game On Alternative Craft Idea Day 4

Paid in Full Popsicle Cross

Another simple craft that can be used for younger children. All you need is Two Popsicle sticks and coins.

What you Need:

  • Craft Sticks
  • Pennies
  • Glue Dots

Dollar Tree Glue Dots

Sports related VBS Crafts

Baseball Paper Plate Craft

Lifeway’s VBS 2018 Craft Ideas

Lifeway VBS 2018 Game On Craft Sampler pack

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