VBS 2018 Game On Hallway Decoration Ideas

After a wonderful opening celebration in Worship Rally we are ready to get VBS started. Most likely they will be travelling through the hallways on their way to Bible Study (Field House). You may not know it but if you spend just even a few minutes to decorate the hallway you set the tone for the VBS week and helps your participants get excited and ready to learn. Your decorations also help them associate the theme with the lessons. Below you will find inspired Lifeway VBS 2018 Game On Hallway Decoration Ideas.

Just a note: I am in no way affiliated with Lifeway. Ideas presented below and in the eBook as well as printables are created by me and are inspired by the 2018 VBS theme.

 VBS 2018 Game On Hallway Decoration Ideas


Simple and inexpensive decorations can be found at Dollar Tree. Keep in mind some of these items are seasonal so planning and starting early is best.

Game On Word Logo

Game On SVG file


This is great to add to your walls or even to the front of folders. The possibilities are endless.


2. Dollar Tree Basketball Wall Hoops

Basketball Game On Wall Decorations

These can be found in the toy section at Dollar Tree. They come with double sided adhesive so you can easily attach them to wall. Be careful that you check if it will ruin the wall before attaching them.


3. Large Sports Balls Wall Decoration


These are very simple made wall decorations. See the DIY Large balls tutorial. You can find complete detailed step by step picture directions in the Decoration Ideas eBook.


4. Lifeway’s Sport Balls Inflatables

Lifeway Inflatable Sport Balls Game On

Or if you can find them on clearance at Dollar General you can score the following sport ball inflatables

Dollar General Inflatables


5. Sports Players and Band Members Silhouettes

Band Silhouette

Print these silhouettes from the Decoration Ideas eBook and files that can be purchased here. Project the images onto the wall and draw them larger onto black paper. They make great wall decorations.

Other hallway decorations you can find at Walmart or thrift stores.


If you have any suggestions on other Hallway Decorations feel free to list them in the comments.

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