VBS Game On “Getting Started”

Get Excited! It’s OK, really! Now is the time to blast the Game On Vacation Bible School Music! Let’s get excited together and start planning Vacation Bible School. This is Game On “Getting Started”.

Just a note, I am not a VBS Director nor have I ever planned out a VBS. I have however been heavily involved in teaching and decorating. I have worked closely with a VBS Director and worked on a team that together we planned our church VBS. Below I hope you will find some helpful tips that will help you get your Vacation Bible School planned and run smoother than ever! I am in no way affiliated with Lifeway. Ideas presented below and in the eBook as well as printables are created by me and are inspired by the 2018 VBS theme.


VBS Game On “Getting Started”

Regardless of when your VBS will take place the sooner you start planning the better. So let’s get started in January.

Please Note: The following are based on Lifeway’s VBS Theme but can easily be incorporated for any VBS.

This month you should focus on the following:

  • Pray Daily for your Team and Participants
  • Plan the Dates
  • Decide time of Day
  • Put it on the Church Calendar
  • Decide on a Budget
  • Order Jump Starter Kit

PRAY, then PRAY some more! I cannot stress to you enough on how important PRAYER is to get your Vacation Bible School started smoothly.

Start early. Use any means you can think about on how you can get your church or friends to start praying for VBS. Many people want to help but may not be able to physically help or financially but we can all be in prayer for VBS.

Utilize the following to ask for prayer:

  • Facebook Messanger
  • Setup a Facebook Group for VBS Volunteers including VBS Prayer Team
  • Church Announcement Slide
  • Church Website
  • Mass Email (with permission of those receiving the email) yes it had to be said!
  • Text messages
  • Sunday School Class
  • Pastor Worship Service Announcement
  • Youth Skits

You get the idea, get the word out that anyone is welcomed and wanted to be part of praying for VBS.

Plan the Dates

Right now it is very important that you select the dates. Meet with your team or church leaders and select the dates. You can’t ask for volunteers to make a commitment if they don’t know the dates.

Decide time of Day

This is important. Will you be having a morning VBS or Afternoon or evening? How long will your VBS day go from: 2, 2 1/2 or 3 hours? Again you can’t expect your volunteers to make a commitment if they don’t know the dates or times.

Put it on the Church Calendar

Now that you have selected the dates and times, rush to get it on the church calendar. Make sure you are not interfering with any major events your church is putting on. Also consider major events that your area will have during the summer months that may detract children from participating in VBS.

Decide on a Budget

Yup, this is a biggie for many churches. I have been part of small to very large churches that budget was tight to overflowing. I know from my own website that more than not people are looking for cheaper alternatives when it comes to VBS Game On Crafts and VBS Game on Decoration Ideas. Knowing your budget is very important and gives you understanding on how to ask for donations and what you can purchase from Lifeway.

Order Jump Starter Kit

Once you know your budget you can get the jump starter kit if allowed in your budget. I do highly recommend this starter kit for directors because it has a sample of the craft kits, Administrative Guide with helpful documents and music cd. Visit Lifeway to order your Jump Starter Kit. No I am not an affiliate of Lifeway and no I am not getting paid to promote their VBS Material. I do like their material and it was been great for VBS at churches I have been apart of.

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