What Video Games have done for my Son

What Video Games have done for my Son

I know this may not be popular but I am very thankful for Video Games. Yes this mama is thankful for Video Games.

Let me tell you why.

My two boys have/had speech delays. Both are different. One has receptive learning meaning he has a hard time understanding that you asked him to do something and to process how to do it. He has gotten so much better of the past two years. My other son 16 months younger then the oldest has physical speech delays. He can hear sounds he just does not have the muscle capacity to make the sounds with his tongue and mouth.

Both have gone thru tons of testing and speech therapy. I am proud to say my oldest will no longer need therapy at the end of this year. While my second son has moved from 2 times a week to now 3 times a week I am still a proud mama because of Video Games.

As much as captivating video games can be I am very grateful. My sons both have learned vocabulary from Mario, Luigi, Mr. Incredible, Dash, Captain Jack Sparrow, Repunzal, Woody, Mike, Sulley and tons more. My oldest has learned to read instructions while my second has learned to pick out letters from the written words on Zelda. They have learned sounds, how to follow directions, colors, shapes, and best of all team work.

Because of Video Games they had a hand in helping with my boys and their speech delays.

Aren’t you grateful for Video Games. Come on admit Video games are not all bad. There are tons of benefits of video games.

Thanks for reading.

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