Walking in Mommy’s Boots!



Walking in Mommy’s Boots!

What is so fascinating about my boots?

I got boots from my in-laws for Christmas and I have worn them about 5-7 times now but I’m pretty sure my kids have worn them more.

It started with the boys fight over who gets to wear them and now my little princess is fascinated with my boots.

So I did what any mother would do and that is ask, “Why do you want to wear my boots?”

Answer from all three – Because we will be the mommy and make all the rules!

My kids are still having a hard time realizing that Daddy is home more and he also makes the rules, they still think they have to come to me for permission for everything. Sometimes it seems like I’m the dicipliner but in fact I think the hubby is much stricter than I am.

Here I thought they were playing with my boots because they were cool! Nope they just want to be the one to make the rules!

Have you had a similar situation recently with the little ones in your life?

Thanks for reading.

Topic: Walking in Mommy’s Boots!

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