How to Save on Weddings Part 7: Wedding Dress

wedding dress


Wedding Part 7: The Wedding Dress

So the point of these segments on how to save on a wedding is just that to give you ideas and alternatives to how to save on the costs of a wedding.

So we come to the Dress! Well first you need to figure out what will you do with the dress after the wedding day? Will you preserve it and hope your daughter may wear it someday? Or will you donate or just keep it as a keepsake. What you do with the dress after the big day should help you determine how much you want to put into it.

  1. David’s Bridal has a $99 rack. These are the dresses that are going out of style to having a missing button to a snag but are still very wearable.
  2. Thrift and Consignment Shops. Since the dress will only be worn for the wedding day it not a bad idea to take a peek at the nearest Thrift or Consignment shops and pick up a recently used wedding dress for less than a couple hundred dollars. Don’t bust your budget by thinking it has to be only you who has worn the dress unless you plan on doing something with it!
  3. Yard sales! Sometimes women will want to get rid of their wedding dress after a couple years and what better way for you to get a great wedding dress than at a yard sale and you may get the best deal too!
  4. Other Bridal Shops. Many bigger cities have multiple bridal shops and often times they have a clearance rack that have reduced dresses just to get their inventory moving.
  5. Bridal Expos. Often in bigger cities there are bridal expos with tons of wedding vendors giving away gift certificates and possibly wedding dresses. If you ever get to attend. Enter everything!

Hope these tips help you save some money on your wedding dress.


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