Weeping Willow Tree Tutorial

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Weeping Willow Tree Tutorial

This is a Luau Umbrella Cover from Wholesale Costume Club. You can find many other party decorations from Wholesale Costume Club. The Luau Umbrella Cover is design to be placed on top of existing patio umbrella but for the sake of our weeping willow tree we are using a regular umbrella you could find at your local Walmart.

This Weeping Willow Tree will be a great addition to any outdoor party theme including Rio. Check out other Rio Movie inspired decorations to make your party one of a kind.


What you Need:

– Luau Umbrella Cover

– Regular sized Umbrella

– Tripod (You can find a used one for around $5 at a Thrift Shop)

– Duck tape if your tripod does not have the umbrella connector holder.


How to Make:

1. Attach your umbrella to the tripod either in the umbrella connector holder and fasten tightly. If not available then use duck tape to adhere it to the umbrella.

2. Open the umbrella and place the Luau Umbrella Cover over. Make sure to spread it out evenly.

That is it! You are done!


A very simple and easy way to make a Weeping Willow that gives you an outdoor feel. Check out how you can build a Tiki Bar of  your own.


You can see how well this is made, it will not tear easily. There are two sections where it is sewn all the way around to keep its form and make it much easier for the umbrella cover to slide right over an umbrella. Just to warn you that it does have some weight to it and trust me it will fit back in the box if you need to put it up for the season. Again I want to remind you that this Luau umbrella cover fits over a standard patio umbrella but for our Weeping Willow we have used a regular personal rain umbrella.


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