Welcoming Cardboard Minion

Minion welcomes

Welcoming Cardboard Minion

This is a Great Welcoming Cardboard Minion from Despicable Me and be sure to check out other DIY Despicable Me Party Decoration Ideas.

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What you Need:

– Large Cardboard box or boxes

– Yellow, Blue, Black Plastic Tableclothe

– Packaging Tape

– White plate

– Brown or Black paper

– Silver glitter glue


How to Make:

1. Take your Large Cardboard and add to it securing with packaging tape if needed.

2. Cut the top to round like a Minion Head.

3. Add a backing to help it stand up. Secure with packaging tape.

4. Add the yellow plastic tablecloth and cut down as needed and use packaging tape to secure.

5. Add blue plastic tablecloth to the bottom half of the Minion.

6. Take a strip of black plastic tablecloth to make the black goggle band. Secure with packaging tape.

7. Add two blue strips of blue plastic tablecloth to make the overall straps.

8. You can use the black paper to cut out circles for the buttons on the overalls. Or you could use blue duck tape to make the buttons and front overall pocket.

9. Take a White plastic plate and add a brown circle to the middle and a black circle.

10. Attach the plate to the black band for the eye.

That’s it! You’re done!

welcoming minion

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