Western Theme Table Decoration

Western Theme Table Decoration

Western Theme Table Decoration

Need a simple Western Theme Table Decoration? Here is an easy to make centerpiece that will not cost much at all. If you don’t have any Mason Jars there are some great alternative vases at Dollar Tree that will look as good. The one pictured above is actually a mug but it still looks great!

What you Need:

– Mason Jar

– Skewer Sticks

– Red or Blue Hankerchef

– Brown, Blue (or Jean) Cardstock

– Glue and/or Tape

– Brown Crinkly shreds (Dollar Tree)


How to Make:

1. First you will need to take your blue and brown cardstock and cut out the Sheriff Shape and Howdy Shape. Both Shapes can be purchased in the Moms Saving Money Store in SVG, PNG and PDF files.

Western Theme Table Decoration 1

2. Once you have your pieces cut out you will simply glue and tape them to the skewer sticks. Let them dry well.

3. Add your brown crunchy shreds to the Mason Jar or Vase of your choosing.

4. Stick the Skewer sticks in the Mason Jar as desired.

5. For added Western feel, take your red or blue handkerchief and either lay it flat or fold into 1/4 and lay in the center of table. Place your Mason Jar in the middle of the Handkerchief.

Western Theme Table Decoration 2

That is it! You are done!

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