What do you do when the Check Engine Light comes on?

A friend of ours has been on a trip and since we live across from the airport they left their car with us instead of paying for parking.

So I have been able to do a few things having a 2nd car for the few days but the Check Engine Light came on.

Its a semi older vehicle but I did take it to two Auto places to get a reading.

One place could not get their computer to work and the other could not bring up a reading. I contacted our friend and they mentioned a few things like is it running hard, having trouble shifting.

My reply nope no noise, no trouble shifting and nothing seems wrong.

Well getting oil may be the issue so I went and got some to put in. I popped the hood and guess what I noticed as I was looking for the oil pan?

Yup the Coolant was nil. below low line! So yeah that would trigger a Check Engine light!

So now waiting on some coolant to be dropped of!

I’m pretty certain that would be the issue since the car is running just fine. no smoke no other trouble.

So as the weather for many of you is getting colder check your coolant levels and stay safe.

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