What does Smarties and Broken Links have in common?

lol if you came to see what Smarties and Broken Links have in common then you came to the right place!

When I was younger I would get tons of smarties for Halloween and in my Easter Backet but I am not a big fan of them. But what I would do is play with them. I would make schools on paper and pretend they are people! Yes I easily kept myself occupied!

Well it became very addicting and tons of fun and I even started looking forward to playing with them and making up scenarios. I was weird!

So what do they have in common with Broken Links?

Good Question. Lately I have been working on other blogger sites cleaning them up. I always wondered why my site seemed to not have as much problems as many other frugal bloggers do but I think I know why. I regularly clean my site up.

You may know I am a one person show. I do all my own images. I create my own posts. Do my own reviews. I do the matchups. I run my site solo me! I am the one who answers comments and emails.

I may have others help me in group thoughts but I am the one who puts it all together.

I do all my own HTML and CSS Styling. And with that I do all my own back end work as well like cleaning up broken links.

Blogging is not for everyone and frugal blogging is not for everyone but for those that have been around a few years will encounter broken links from those blogs that come and go over the months and years so it is very important to make sure you have no broken links because Companies want to know your credibility with Google rank.

Yes it doesn’t mean much but companies look at that. I am happy to report I have been a PR 3 for over a year and so excited because instead of me going to companies and asking to do reviews I am being approached by companies to share their products. With that at this time I know the traffic my site gets and I am worth every penny of it because I do it all on my own. So at this time I have a waiting list for product reviews and only accept compensation of review products and paid/sponsored posts. I don’t work for FREE my time is valuable and so is my site and it worth more than I have ever thought I could have made it.

However if you ask nicely and its something I believe in then you may just get a yes from me. I understand we all start somewhere. I know I was there just 3 years ago and we didn’t have groups of bloggers to help each other out. We took steps of faith and learned as we went as to what works and what doesn’t we are all still learning.

So if you are a blogger and want your broken links fixed send me an email at momssaving1@gmail.com and I’ll tell you my rate. Its pretty reasonable. Just let you know, your blog size will determine the amount of time needed to finish the job. I can do 3K in about 10 hrs but note I do have kids and a hubby so it may take a week to complete!



  1. haha Yes, I had to come see what smarties and broken links had to do with each other! 😉 I definitely agree with you. Sites require daily up keep or you’ll have a lot of work cleaning them up after the fact.

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