What gets my heart boiling!

What gets my heart boiling

Today I went to Dollar Tree to purchase a few items remaining for Christmas for my little princess. I wanted to get her dress up jewelry and regardless of where I get it from I know within a few months it will break with how rough she is so I might as well as get the cheap stuff.

Well what gets my heart boiling is this. As I was standing in the checkout line I saw a grandmother with her daughter and two grand-daughters. I shrieked from what I saw in the cart. Her total was $57 and some change but what really got my hearting boiling was when she was unloading her shopping cart putting her items on the belt to be scanned. One by one she put items like Colgate toothpaste, toothbrushes, Suave body wash, Irish spring bar soap, Reynolds wrap, Tweezers, Nail clippers, Emory Boards, and many more items I can show people how to get for less than $1 each or most free with coupons. She lives in my area so I know she can get the same deals I get. She did get a lot of items that you can’t get cheaper anywhere else but I could have saved her $20.

I so wanted to interrupt her transaction and wanted her to tell her to meet me at my van so I could give her those coupons for the items she purchased and were to get them or how to price match at Walmart so she would only need to go to one store and use the coupons. I didn’t and I’m sure everyone in line with me was appreciated I didn’t hold up the line by doing so. I really do wished that I did.

Dollar Tree is a great place to get a lot of items cheap that you cant do better elsewhere but there are items I would say steer away from so here it goes.


Please stay away from these items at Dollar Tree:

Note: Dollar Tree does not accept manufacture coupons so these items can be found using coupons elsewhere cheaper.

Colgate/Crest Toothpaste or Toothbrushes: These go on sale for $1 or less at Kroger stores and their affiliate Stores. Colgate puts out once a month a $.50/1 – $1/1 coupons depending on their cycle so even if you don’t have a store that doubles you can still get these toothpastes or Toothbrushes for $.50 or less.

Suave Body Wash: Kroger and their affiliate stores have lately been having these on sale for 10/$10. You don’t have to buy 10 to get the price just one and use the $.35-$.50 coupons Suave has been putting out and pay between Taxes – $.65 each so much cheaper than Dollar Tree.

Irish Spring Bar Soap 2 ct: These are $.97 at Walmart in the travel section. Irish spring come out with a $.35, $.50, or $1 every couple of months depending on their cycle they are good on 2ct or larger so you can get them for Free to $.65 still cheaper than Dollar Tree.

Reynolds Wrap: You can get the same sizes Dollar Tree sells at Walgreens for $.69 – $.89 with in Ad Coupon it’s not much but when you have to count pennies those pennies do add up.

Tweezers: Save yourself buy using 1 $1 off Cover Girl product coupon and go to Family Dollar who has them at regular price for $1 just pay taxes.

Nail Clippers: Both toe nail and finger nail clippers are regular price at Family Dollar for $1 use a $1 off Cover Girl Coupon for each one and get them free just pay taxes Cover Girl has been putting out the $1 off coupons regularly for the past 6 months.

Emory Boards: Same thing here you can get these at Family Dollar for $1 and use $1 off Cover Girl Coupon and get them free just pay tax.


Now Items I do recommend getting there are:

Shower Curtains, Shower Curtain rings, Books, coloring books, Seasonal items, Party Supplies, Tools, Jewelry, hair ties, Mylar balloons, Disposable cooking trays, seasonings, Bread, Pastas (certain kinds only), Picture Frames, cheap toys and puzzles, Dryer sheets (only if there is no coupon to make others cheaper), Craft items.