What happens when you do items in increments of 5 and then move on to a new project?

What happens when you do items in increments of 5?

If you are no stranger to Moms Saving Money then you know I’m a HUGE reader, collectively my husband and I have over 4500 books and we have collected more since the last time we counted. Did I mention I’m a HUGE reader?

We have not read every single book but we hae used them for reference, bless others with them or they are on our To Read list. My goal every year is to read 12 books one each month. I’ve gotten off track for awhile but getting back into it now.

You may also know I am a member of Book Sneeze, Chicken Soup for the Soul reviewer and a Thomas Nelson Blogger as well, so I get at least 2-3 books each month to do a review. They keep me on my toes and on track with my goal.

Well recently I have been reading Barefoot Executive by Carrie Wilkerson that I am reviewing for Trackersphere.

One of the items Carrie talks about when setting goals is do things in increments of 5. For the past couple of days I have been doing that 5 of one thing and then move on to another project do 5 things there and move on to another.

So let me backup a bit. I have serious problem with doing dishes, laundry and keeping my home clean. Lets just say I can make a room spotless and with in 10 seconds a Kid tornado will sweep through and it will be complete disaster.

So if you live near me then you know my house not the cleaness but I DARE you to try and take care of 3 kids 5 and under and keep my house clean. I’ll even pay you $50 if you can keep it that way for an hour!

So I am writing today to tell you about my little 5 things at time and move on that was inspired by Carrie of Barefoot Executive.

It’s not boasting because today I feel like I accomplished something, So I am telling you how proud I am of myself today.

My kids always wake up early no surprise but on the weekends if I am not having to go shopping then my routine is turn on the laptop check email, post on the fanpage, Superpoints, Swagbucks and so forth.

I then will make breakfast and do atleast another post.

So today is day 2 of doing 5 things and move on. So at about 10am I started a load of laundry, a load of dishes, hung up 5 pieces of clothes, removed 5 things from my kitchen table the catch all for everthing and put them away. I then moved to washing 5 pieces of dishes by hand then went back to putting laudry away and only did 5 items, I went to our living room and picked up 5 pieces of items to go to the trash, took 5 toys to the kids room, did another load of laundry, took 5 more things off the kitchen table and put them away.

Are you seeing a pattern. Today I learned that if I do things even small little things in increments of 5 I can be more productive than trying to do one big project start to finish.

Did you notice I did 5 posts back to back in 20 mins this morning? So there it is do things in increments of 5 and you might be productive like I was today.

So far I have done 5 loads of laundry trust me when you have 3 little ones and one them is a Princess/Diva who changes atleast 7 times a day you have mounds and mounds of laundry! I also currently have a cake in the oven. How about that, that is really something unheard of in my house!

Topic: What happens when you do items in increments of 5

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