What if there was No Coupons

What if there was No Coupons

Have you noticed less and less coupons lately? I know you have noticed the values of coupons have gone down as well.

As stores tighten up coupon policies and grocery prices increasing we are all led to make the best of what we can, right?

Couponing is getting harder and harder. More and more people are struggling to buy just the necessities and less coupons do not help with that.

What will you be doing if coupons went away?

Will store and manufacturing marketing strategies change? I bet they will!

Will you start shopping around making multiple store stops? Some local stores and chain stores are limiting the number of coupons used per shopping trip, making it more difficult for those who have to commute to shop are going to be getting more creative with their shopping trips.

For me I will be scouring the Walmart shelves taking pictures one by one. I already have a huge selection of over 2K Kroger pictures from doing away with Double coupons. Believe me their prices have gone up and yes maybe only a few cents but those few cents make a HUGE difference overall. Wal-mart price matches and is closer to my house so its more convenient.

As always I do a lot of shopping at Dollar Tree and I will be doing much more as prices still increase and value of coupons go down.

I’m sure coupons will eventually go away but not for a very long time at all. Any manufacture and store understands that power of making someone feel like they are getting a deal and that is where much of their profits come from.

Did you see that buying Coupons on Ebay is more limited. Only 100 can be sold by single distributor each month. So two things will happen more and more people will start looking other ways to get their coupons.

Some newspapers are already carrying less inserts because of costs and cuts. People don’t buy the paper nearly as much if they do its mostly for the coupons otherwise many get their news from the internet or TV.

How would you handle your shopping trips if there was no coupons? Would you buy more store brands?

I’d love to know what you think, leave a comment below.


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  1. Christine Blankert

    After reading this I am so worried, I coupon all the time here in California. Our prices are at record highs and I have a family of four to feed. I buy newspapers all the time I hope they dont stop coupons :0(
    Maybe we can write to the newspapers let them know how much us couponers really buy, and then maybe they can set up something were if we buy 10 a week for a discount? Because I dont know how we are going to make it without coupons :0( I noticed we where to have coupons this wekend 7/21 but there was none in the paper??? Smartsource was to be in the paper, but no one here in Sac. California recieved any ??? Worried about next weekend we all should have 2 in the paper , I hope we get them (praying)
    If you can help me save money, please e-mail, Blessings
    Thank you,

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