What is a Dollar Tree Docking Station?

Docking Station Dollar Tree



What is a Dollar Tree Docking Station?

Where to find:

First off these docking station can be found at Dollar Tree stores in the electronic accessories isle. They are packaged in a small box. They are just as they say a Docking Station. They are made out of plastic and very light weight.

The docking station is meant to hold your phone so it is easier to charge or to view when you need to be hands free when talking by speaker.

They are pretty neat and pretty much worth the $1 you would pay at Dollar Tree.

Specs of Docking Station

Docking stations give easy access to a USB port and sits conveniently on a desktop, counter, or night stand. Perfect for docking your iPod® and iPad® for syncing and charging. You can also dock your iPhone® 3G, 3GS, 4, or 4S for syncing and charging, plus you can make speakerphone calls while docked. Case includes 48 iPod/iPad/iPhone® Docking Stations assorted between white and black. (Taken from Dollar Tree)

So now you know what a Dollar Tree Docking station is and how to use. Your turn! Have you bought one and does it actually work? What are you opinions on this docking station or any products sold at Dollar Tree?

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