What Nobody Tells Newly Married Couples

Newly Married Couples

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Perusing the shelves in a Christian bookstore one quickly finds a wealth of material available to aid, encourage and challenge the older more mature Married Men and Women. Rarely however, does one encounter a book for the newly married women. Many women may enter this role ill equipped and with little preparation for the journey ahead. Thankfully, Rebecca Autry has done a great service to the future of newly married women by taking on the challenge of addressing their roles and responsibilities within her book, “A Handbook for newly married couples”.

What Nobody Tells The Newly Married Couple eBook

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Placed appropriately at the beginning, Autry delves into the necessity of nourishing one’s private spiritual growth before dealing with the marriage. She gives personal examples of approaches she has used in striving to follow the example of Jesus who sought solitude with the Heavenly Father. Autry uses the first chapter to lay the foundation for her book. Here she stresses that the newly married women must consistently fill her cup by prayer and scripture reading before draining the cup to her various demands. She then adequately speaks to the issue of God’s calling on a woman who marries a minister. She acknowledges that while a minister’s wife may not receive a vocational ministry calling for herself, she accepts a life’s work of ministry when she chooses to marry her husband. This may seem daunting to many, but Autry again provides various ideas for equipping those in this position. She encourages ministers’ wives to pursue whatever formal or personal training they can, to further prepare them for their ministry. Autry continues to reiterate the priority of personal edification and spiritual growth, which in turn blesses the outpouring of ministry within the home, family and church. And just when her standards she is setting seem too high, she candidly admits her struggles throughout her own personal pilgrimage.

Godly Living

Chapter 1—What Is a Godly Marriage?

Chapter 2—Getting Married

Chapter 3—Having a Personal Relationship with God

Chapter 4—Having a Relationship Together with God

Chapter 5—Submission

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Learning to Live Together

Chapter 6—Honeymoon

Chapter 7—Communication

Chapter 8—Showing Love

Chapter 9—Outside Friends

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Practical Living

Chapter 10—Starting a Home

Chapter 11—Cleaning a Home

Chapter 12—Cooking for Two

Chapter 13—Budgeting

Chapter 14—Ministry

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Newly Married Couple eBook


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