What to Stockup in January


I’m working on a list of when items typically go on sale at their lowest price. Its a big list and taking a lot of work but I wanted you to have a peak. Here is what items are at their lowest in January. These are some of the items you will see on sale and matched with coupons you can get them dirt cheap or free. Enjoy

What to Stockup in January

– Cereal
– Chili
– Soups
– Oatmeal
– Healthy Choice
– South Beach
– Lean Cuisine
– Cheese
– Dips
– Sandwich Items
– Crackers
– Yogurts
– 100 Calorie Packs
– Any Diet Aids
– Pepsi/Coke Products
– Chips mostly Tostitos because of Super Bowl
– Cold Medicines
– Pain Relief
– Vitamins
– Most Health Products
– School Supplies
-Winter Jackets go half price
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Topic: What to Stockup in January



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