When Glasses are needed



When Glasses are needed

Life just keeps getting crazier! I’m sure many of you can relate!

My oldest son who is in 1st grade has made leaping improvements from when we first placed him in school. He went from not talking to now reading on a 2nd grade level. He gets A’s and B’s as long as he does the work but below grades when he just doesn’t follow direction or turns assignments in.

Well today we got a letter from the school nurse requesting we get him into an eye doctor because after testing him 2x about a month apart they found his vision to be less than perfect and same results both times.

As stated in the letter they are not opticians and would like for him to see a professional. Thankfully they also not their is financial assistance available if needed because we really don’t have the ability to add any extra finances onto our plate.

Their results say 20/30 and 20/40. This is very good because I myself was a four eyed child until my eyesight was good enough to where I no longer need lenses of any sort.

Pictured above is me on the right my sister is on the left. Yup crazy hairdo plus huge thick glasses, I was very very far sighted!

Do you wear glasses? Do you kids have glasses? How did you explain to them they need glasses?

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