When investigative reporting works!

When investigative reporting works!

For the past couple of months I have been on a journey for potential work with company and it paid off but unfortunately I could not take it.

When my sister asked that I help in planning my nieces Graduation party we started to look for places to host it.

Since budget was tight I started pitching different places and one of them was Peaks of Otter Lodge in Bedford, VA

well the previous contractors closed it down and new ones came in. It took awhile to finally figure out who the new owners were.

In the process I was given an interview to work and hired on the spot. Peaks of Otter is not open yet and won’t be till July 15th.

I really wanted the job but unfortunately I live about 45 mins away and with the hubby’s schedule plus kids out for the summer I was unable to take the position.

I am thankful for my communication professor Mrs. Huff who taught me how to investigate and get answers.

Thanks for reading and if you have a moment please pray for me and my family as our lives continue to be bumpy roads!

Topic: When investigative reporting works!

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