Where is the lens?

My boys just got glasses not even a month ago because one has slight bad eye sight while the other one has really bad eye sight.

Well the one with slight bad eye sight was very disrespectful to me earlier and was sent to his room by Dad. Of course any 6 year old would throw a fit and kick and bang around.

I’m not sure when it happened but after all the kids were in the beds I took a double look to make sure their glasses were in the right place and noticed a pair not folded right. After picking them up to figure out why they wouldn’t shut right, I noticed one of the lenses was missing.

So I did what any mother would do and that was to call him down and start looking. So we cleaned the living room, both kids bedrooms and started on the family room when I finally decided I was tired of looking to send him to bed.

As I was going up the stairs thinking in my mind how are we going to afford to replace the lens if we can’t find it or if its been destroyed. Something caught my eye and yes it was the lens!

I am a horrible mom, I sent my son to bed to worry about where that lens could be! I found it and thankfully no scratches and the frames will bend back into place and I use to wear glasses so I know how to fix them.

I could have SCREAMED but I held back but believe me it has been one frustrating day. Not the best day for me.

Thanks for reading.

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