White Hair Recipe!

white hair recipe

White Hair Recipe!

My oldest son is celebrating 100 school days today and in lieu of that celebration they were asked to dress up as an old man or lady.

I needed a cheap way to make his hair white or silver and even went to the store last night but I was in such a hurry that I was unable to find anything. We also had high winds and a tornado warning so I didn’t want to go out again. I also really don’t have the money to spend either. So I asked all of you and many of you suggested flour or baby powder and hairspray.

Here is what I did!

What you need:

– Can of hairspray – I used Aussie Aerosol Scrunch spray ( I bought this for $.79 at Kroger during their 2x a year sale)

– 1 -2 cups of flour – You could use baby powder!

– Diaper Wipe or slightly damp wash clothe


How to do it:

1. Wet Hair. My son just had a bath so we didn’t dry his hair.

2. Take a palm full of flour and place on hair mixing it around. Keep putting more on to cover all the hair.

3. Hairspray the entire area (make sure their eyes are covered or closed when spraying). This will make the white powder dimmer.

4. Re-apply more flour to the entire area. It will be sticky but will hold in the flour more.

5. Brush off any excess flour from face, neck and clothes. Take a diaper wipe or wash clothe slightly damp to go once over their face and ears.

That’t it! It was very simple and somewhat messy, but fun!

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