Why I don’t have Chips in my house!

Why I don’t have Chips in my house!

I’m I a Couponer and I know it! But yes I do not have chips in my house regularly!

Not because there isn’t great coupons and sales on chips, we just don’t eat much junk food in our home. Because I did the Reader’s Digest Diet and Currently doing the Revolt Challenge we just don’t have a need to buy chips. I really don’t allow my kids to have chips as snacks because we trained them at an early age to munch on fruit and vegetables.

I love fresh fruit but I am a couponer and with that I use coupons to get Canned fruit.

For example Kroger had Dole Pineapple on Sale for $1 reg. $1.79 there is a $1/2 coupon making each can $.50

But if you bought 4 in 1 transactions you got $.50 Catalina to use on your next transaction.

Another great deal I have come to enjoy is I buy mini carrots from Kroger these are regular $1.99 for the packs of 1lb but will go on sale for 10/$10 and I will buy a few at a time. Well Kroger keep track of my buying habits thru me using my Rewards card and every quarter and semi quarter it never fails I get atleast 2 coupons for free mini carrots. My kids love snacking on carrots.

So just because there is great sales and coupons on Chips we just don’t need to have them in our home. We will occasionally but not often.

I would say I use only 10% of the coupons that come into my house. I spend about $50 a week for a family of 5 and save about $200 a week.




  1. RD

    Wow, that’s great! Can’t wait to see lots of pics (before and after) of your weight loss!!! Post soon, okay? Btw, do you care to share how many lbs. you’ve shed so far? Thanks 🙂

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