Why I like my favorite Store

Store #5 – Why I like my Favorite Store

I have a particular favorite Kroger I shop at because I can count of them regardless of them being under construction.

So back to store #3 was another Kroger closer to my house but not my favorite. It never has what I’m looking for!

Why I like my favorite store. It Simple really!

1. They always have the products I shop for!

2. They don’t give me a hard time when I use the self check out for my multiple transactions.

3. I never have a problem with coupons with greater value than the product. They automatically adjust them or sometimes I get lucky and I get the full amount applied to my overall bill.

4. They are easy going during the times I normally shop, including talking about making a Kroger Harlem Shake Video! They didn’t make one but it was a neat idea to think about!

5. The workers are always so uplifting atleast those that stock the shelves and don’t bother me as I take pictures.

6. I’ve gotten a few of them to coupon.

7. Some like watching as I go to the checkout and hand over my coupons. My heart races all the time!

8. There is hardly any one there when I go shopping!

9. I see tons of couponers young and older.

10. I get to offer coupons to other costumers and I never feel rushed to move thru the isles quickly.


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