Why I Like Netflix

So going almost 2 weeks without Internet I’ve learned a few things I miss.
One thing I miss is Netflix

Why I like Netflix

1. NO Commercials. We have great digital reception at our new place and get about 20 channels. my kids are 5, 4, 3 and they never had a problem with wanting toys and begging me for them but without Netflix for the time we either are watching DVDs or TV and the commercials one are annoying and two promise kids ridiculous things if they have that toy so in turn they must beg for the toy. I could do without the commercials so therefore I’m a huge fan of Netflix!

2. Freedom to watch what you want. Having only the DVDs we own and only the option what is playing on the digital channels (many not very appropriate for my kids ages) and I’m talking about before prime time hours I’ve learned there is not much option so I really like the fact on Netflix you have a huge option especially educational children/ preschool age shows.

3. Freedom to watch when you want. As a mother of kids I like having the power to say we will stop the show now and resume it later. I also like being able to pause to get up and get a drink or snack without missing any part of the show.

4. Freedom to stop or turn off when you want. Our family we use the 15 mins we need to finish getting ready by using Netflix to occupy the kids so they stay safe, don’t get into trouble and don’t lose anything they need to get out the door with. I’ve realized that digital tv doesn’t help with the situation since the kiddos understand we can’t just stop it and come back later to watch it so it makes it more difficult on us.

5. Ability to watch new shows you didn’t know existed. So yes sometimes Netflix can get old because you will come to a point where you have watched all your favorite shows. This is the greatest time you will be able to find new favorite shows that you never knew existed until you have stumbled upon them. Have fun and you might find a new show to enjoy.

6. Ability to re-watch shows or movies. I really like the ability to rematch shows but it can get frustrating when you have a child who wants to watch the same show like 20 million times but then you know if you need a few moments to yourself put on their favorite show and you got yourself some quiet time!

7. Ability to skip ahead of intros or scenes. Don’t the same intro get annoying after a few dozen times? Or how about those scenes you might not want your kids to watch because they might repeat or just not age appropriate? With Netflix you have the ability to skip the scenes.

8. Having the kid only section displayed. So my kids are young and middle school shows are not very age appropriate for my kids so I really like having the kids section displayed rather than the full Netflix section view because I know it will show only the items they recently watch plus others similar to those shows.

9. Having basic summary of show or movie. Have you ever wanted to know about a show or movie but don’t want to pull out the laptop to check what imbd has for a summary of the show? Well I really appreciate having a basic summary on Netflix for each show, it makes it very convenient.

10. It only costs less than $9 a month. So I use to not want to get Netflix because it was one more bill and I’m doing my best to eliminate the amount of debt and bills we have but I do have to say that Netflix for our family is well worth it because we have small kids and it’s typically a nightmare trying to take them out to the theater. Watching movies at home is a more pleasant experience for our family.

Do you like Netflix? Is it worth it for your family?


  1. Amanda Koopman

    I love love love netflix. We live in an area where there is no reception whatsoever, meaning no tv channels. We paid for cable with our internet for a while, but it got WAY too expensive. So we dropped cable, kept the internet and got netflix back. And my kids love it, they’ve been watching old cartoons that I used to watch, and even older, stuff my mom used to watch.

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