Why I prefer to Read! See why I might be considered a Book Hoarder!

So if you havent already guessed or noticed I am a huge advocate of Books, infact I hope my little princess would take after Belle from Beauty and the Beast because of her personal love for books.

My hubby and I met in college and one thing that attracted us to each other was our love for books. You can ask anyone one of our family members or friends and they will tell you we have our own library.

We moved to our current home one year ago today and we still have about 14 boxes of books not unpacked. You might call us Book Hoarders! Well we do give books away and loan out but we use our books multiple times. We are Huge advocates of reading and hope all our children will find the same love of written word as we do.

We may seem like Book Haorders but our books get alot of loving. We have books from Dinosaurs to theology from relationships to parenting to marriage. We have childrens books to reference books. We have about 20 different versions of the Bible. We have books about graphic design to writing to novels and classics. We have just a little about everything under the sun.

Are you a reader? I sure am so with that said I am exicted to be a book reviewer for several publishers now. You read that right I have worked with 7 different publishers and I enjoy reading new books; well known and new authors.

You can always catch me with a book on hand or a book nearby. We feel reading opens a wide range of opportunities and hope this inspires you to read. My goal for the past 4 years has been to read 12 book each year one per month.

Do you have a reading goal? My goal each day is to read 5 pages a day regardless of how long a book it because by the end of the month you are either done or almost done. 5 pages only takes about 10-15 mins. A little each day makes a huge impact on your life so also consider reading a few pages a day to your children that is age appropriate. Help your kids enjoy reading. Don’t sell your self short and giving yourself an excuse of “Im not much of a reader” or “I dont like reading.”

There are so many benefits of reading. Please comment below some of your favorite books.

Posted above are some of the newer books I will be reviewing in the coming days and weeks.


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  1. Nicole

    I love to read and have a serious book hoarding problem too. 😉
    My goal is to read at least one book a week, but generally I read two. The only way I am able to do this is because I read while I do my cardio at the gym.

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