Why my life has changed.

Although I can’t say much, I can say that our income has really depleted. My husband is the main bread winner for our family. He has been a caregiver for the past 5 yrs. Because of recent circumstances he’s not getting the hours he was and now it leaves us in panic mode trying to find jobs that will pay our bills.

Although this change was not a surprise we just aren’t prepared for it to happen right now. On top of no current substantial income coming in we were in a wreck last week. No one was hurt and both parties were insured which we were thankful because it paid our loan off plus we got some back to go towards another vehicle which is not much and not nearly what we had put into our van but it could be much worse we could have still owed on a vehicle that was totaled.

So no income, trying to get a replacement car and now the hubby needs to take an unexpected out of state trip. So yeah it’s no secret that I get paid to blog and as of now that’s our only incoming income. It’s not anything near the amount the hubby was making. So we are not sure how we will be paying our bills until we get some income coming in.

So my years of experience of coupons are going to put to the test because Christmas is coming up. I am so thankful I have been buying items on clearance thru out the year so my kids will have some gifts and we just got in the mail a Kohls get $10 of a $10 purchase which I just used to get a birthday gift and 2 shirts for the kiddos. I paid $1.59 I can’t beat that. A friend of mine is giving me hers so I can go find something for the boys for christmas.

We have been filling out applications all over the place the past two days and will continue to do so until we get something. So the good news for you is I will be hunting deals down for you and posting a lot mostly for my benefit but also for the little income I make blogging because for now it’s something.

Just to be clear my hubby still has a job but is waiting eagerly for hours. It’s out of his control. He wasn’t fired or dismissed from his position but just the line of work he is in, work comes and goes and we have been very fortunate that he had solid work for 5yrs.

So that’s my life right now. The world is open to all kinds of possibilities and we are looking at them all. We have enjoyed daddy being home with us for homework and dinner and help at church.

Today seems like we lived in the car because we drove all over the place getting applications, filling them out getting reference letters, taking the new family member (a dog) to the vet and hubby getting his yearly TB test done and checked.

I am so thankful for this blog because when I started it it was a hobby and it became more and now we are relying on the income it brings.

Please pray for us and wish us luck, we know God will see us thru this time of our lives and the other side will be a blessing.

So thank you for being such great fans and I hope to help you save tons in the coming weeks.

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  1. Tanya ~ The Chatty Mom

    I can appreciate the feelings and panic that you’ve been walking through…Thank God that we have Him to lean on. My family’s story is very similar and we too are distributing resumes and applications, therefore putting us in that long waiting line that so many Americans are in right now. Your family will be in my prayers. God is faithful.

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