Why my Princess and I will Never win a Look a Like Contest!

naomi and I



Why my Princess and I will Never win a Look a Like Contest!

I heard on the radio the other day about a Mother/Daughter look a like Contest and though to myself that is pretty neat.

Well as often as I do, I thought more deeply about the contest. Not that I wanted to enter or anything. The contest was on a radio station I normally don’t listen to so it wasn’t a big deal but the idea that my princess and I will never win a contest like that.

At this point you are probably thinking why even think about this!!! As you may or may not know I am Hispanic while my hubby is Caucasian and Very, Very White!!! So when it comes to our kids they are all in between!

My oldest has my coloring and sometimes darker! He has his daddies body!

My middle child is short and stocky like me! But much lighter than me and much darker than daddy! He’s our in between!

My little princess is small like me and has my body type but has daddies light skin although she is darker than daddy because he is VERY, VERY White! She has blonde hair and blue eyes like daddy.

So as you can see from the picture above I’m dark skin with dark hair but she is light skin and blonde hair.

So lets move onto facial features. She may have my body and a small nose like me but the rest of her face is just like daddy. So yes my little princess has traits of me, we don’t exactly look alike and often times I get mistaken as the babysitter!

It’s ok that my little princess and I will not win a look a like contest because I would not trade her for the world. She is my baby and my little princess and she already likes to dress like me!

Thanks for reading. Do you and your mother or daughter look a like?


  1. Darlene Kleist

    I think you are two beautiful ladies. She is a beautiful young lady and you are beautiful also. And I can see past the tones of the skin and you two look a lot alike in my eyes! Thank you for sharing this and the great picture of you and your princess.

  2. Rosalind

    I know what you mean. Although people say she looks just like me. The only thing I see in her is her smile.. Im black and Filipino and her dad is white. She looks like she is a fair skinned mexican.. She is beautiful just like your baby. So what i think someone should host a mother/ daughter pic contest to showcase the beauty in all of us!!!

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