Why Pack?

Why Pack?

It’s I can pack a healthier lunch for the same price of a school lunch if not cheaper. How? I Coupon and I can find deals cheaper than the school buys in bulk.

Also I know it’s food my kids will eat!

Our first year introduction to school lunches left us at a loss. My oldest son is a health nut and they gave him the option to have yogurt or salad instead of the main lunch. Well he liked that very much but here is our problem as a parent, he was losing weight very noticeably which is not hard since he skinny like bean pole or toothpick!

I think he lost 7-10 lbs which is a lot for a kid who started the school year at 36 lbs.

So after talking with the teacher and our son we made an agreement that he would just become a packer.

He gained some weight back and now likes having lunch at school.

So this year both our oldest kids now go to full day school and we pack! We did not want to go thru the same problem as the year before.

For $10 I can make 10 lunches and 8 snacks a week.

Our packed lunches include a sandwich, fruit snack, crackers, cheese stick, a fruit and a drink.

Each of my kids like different types of sandwiches like one is nothing but meat while other is only PB&J. Crackers are either goldfish, ritz low fat, low sodium crackers or the baked crackers. I change up between apples, bananas or grapes.

So yes our lunches are healthier than the main lunch plate with less sodium, grease, and is something they will eat.

We do add cookies 1 a month and there are times they ask for the cold cooked nuggets or hotdogs and we will do that as well.

I’m not saying school lunches are not healthy they are so much healthier now than when I was in school but for how young my kids are packing is a better option for us.

So why do you pack? Would you consider packing your kids lunches?

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