Why you should shop Dollar Tree

My top 10 reasons you should shop Dollar Tree

1. Everything is a $1. Yes its obvious but yeah everything being a $1 is a plus and you never have to figure out where the price tag is and if it matches up to the upc barcode!

2. You can use Coupons! Yes there is still kinks to work out but I like coupons.

3. You an buy Name Bands. Most Dollar Trees sell name brands from Colgate to Banquet, Sally Hansen, Lysol to Garnier Fructis.

4. Items are cheaper then other Stores. So yes even the name brand items being smaller sizes the items per oz to per size is cheaper than most stores.

5. Calculating taxes is predictable. Regardless of what the taxes are in your area it is easy to calculate the taxes even if you use coupons.

6. You don’t go bankrupt if your kid wants a toy! If you are a mom you probably dont like going shopping with your kids because they ask for everything! At the Dollar Tree they can get a toy and you don’t spend a fortune.

7. Party Supplies. Of course the best place to get party supplies and not spend a fortune is the Dollar Tree.

8. Christmas Decorations. If you are newly maried then I would suggest starting your Christmas selection from the Dollar Tree so you get alot but spend tons less than going to a Big Box Store.

9. Kitchen Utensils. I’ve gotten a $4 Spatula at Walmart and only lasted 2 months where as my spatula from Dollar Tree lasted over a year. I will forever gladly pay a $1 from Dollar Tree for spatulas and can openers as well as other kitchen utensils.

10. Halloween Costumes.The cheapest place to get Halloween costumes and makeup is the Dollar Tree.


  1. Jacob

    Yeah! I love the Dollar Tree!
    My mom is having trouble with her job and Dollar Tree helped her by allowing her ti buys things like band-aids, meal, snacks, electronics, body wash, medicines for a dollar. We really LOVE the first-aid and personal care items from Dollar Tree, we’ve been buying there exclusively for almost 2 years now.

  2. Cindy W

    #6 for sure!!!!! Best thing about it for sure!!! Being long term unemployed with a disabled hubby living on welfare and food stamps having to say no to our 8 year old all the time is really hard.

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