I won’t be Buying School Pictures

Why I won't buy school pictures

I am not against School Pictures, I simply don’t have the money to buy for 3 kids. Written in 2013.

Update 2017: I still will not be buying school picture or even sport pictures. I have gotten so much better over the years with photography that I prefer my own pictures that are not rushed than those that are taken at the school.

I won’t be Buying School Pictures

We have been sent home that school pictures are coming up next week. Last year the smallest package was $11 and that was 1 sheet with 1 5×7 and 5 wallets.

I cannot stress to you how financially my family is strained right now, but we simply cannot afford $33 to get 1 sheet of pictures so I will do the next best thing.

I have a camera that is 6 yrs old, but is just as good to take some great photos.

I made a photo booth for my niece to have at her graduation party earlier this year, so I already have the backdrop and professional lights to set up my own School picture session! I have White, Green and Black Chrome Key backdrops and with any of them, I can change out the backdrop and insert my own.

So yes I will be taking my own school pictures and having them printed off  at Walgreens and get a family pack for $4.99.

  • Printed on photo paper
  • Special print package featuring the same photo in the following sizes: (4) 4×6, (2) 5×7, (1) 8×10
  • Pick up at your local Walgreens

So I can spend $15 for all 3 of my kids, have the pictures I want and get more than if I bought the school photos.

Let me just say if I did have the money to buy school pictures I probably would take the easier way but I really need to track every dollar going in and out of my house at this time.


Hope this helps you and gives you an alternative to lower the cost of pictures. Thanks for reading. If you have any other suggestions on how to lower the cost of school pictures feel free to comment below I love hearing from you all. Will you be buying school pictures?

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