Writing Wallet on the go

Writing Wallet on the Go 1

Writing Wallet on the go

Do you need something simple and easy to carry that you can hand over to a child while you wait in line or going up and down the grocery isle, or while you travel short distances? Then this easy to make Writing Wallet on the go is the thing you need.

I simply used my old Wallet. I don’t carry a wallet anymore so this was perfect to use.

What you Need:

– Old Wallet with pockets (More pockets the better)

– Different patterns of paper

– Pens or Pencils

– Stickers

Writing Wallet On the Go

How to Make:

1. Cut different pattern paper the size of wallet cards. Insert them into the wallet.

2. Add some stickers to on of the pockets.

3. Add some color pencils or pens to another pocket or if you have the pen holder you can use that.

Writing Wallet on the Go 2

That is it! You are done!

This will not occupy your children very long but it will be enough minutes to collect your thoughts and get a couple things done!

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