Yes I buy Huggies Wipes because they are cheaper!

My favorite way to buy Cheap Diaper Wipes! Yes I do buy
Huggies Diaper Wipes!

I use to think that Huggies were so expensive and I wouldn’t
be able to afford them. Yes Huggies Diaper wipes are more expensive than other diaper wipes if you don’t have a sale or coupon.

Here is how I get Huggies diaper wipes cheaper than the store brand or any other cheaper ones.

I get 4 newspapers each week so once a month I will get 4
$.50 Huggies Diaper Wipes.

My favorite place to shop is Kroger since at this time they
will still double my $.50 coupon to $1.

Huggies Diaper wipes 72ct not the hard plastic containers but the bag like plastic packages are regularly $1.99 at Kroger. Some places have them for $2.19. I then take my 4 $.50 coupons which will double to a $1
and buy 4 Huggies diaper wipes and pay $.99 each or $3.96/4. This makes it less
than 1.5 cents per diaper wipe which is the cheapest of any diaper wipes I have
been able to find.

I really do like when the hard plastic containers go on sale
for $1.49 so then I can get them for $.49 each which is less than 1 cent each!

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