How to Make a Dora Backpack Piñata

dora backpack pinata

How to Make a Dora Backpack Piñata

Everyone needs a Dora Backpack Pinata  for their Dora Theme Party! This is easy to make and budget friendly.


What you Need:

– cardboard

– packaging tape

– scissors

– pencil

– bungy cord

– curling ribbon

– Purple Tissue Paper

– Purple, yellow, red and light purple Cardstock


How to Make:

1. Take your pencil and eyeball your backpack or you can take a current backpack and use that as a pattern and trace it.


2. Take your scissors and cut out the piece. Take that cut out and trace another matching piece.

3. Determine the width of your pinata and cut strips to go around the backpack. Using the tape attach all pieces together.


4. Cut out a square and puncture a hole in the middle.


5. Slide the bungy cord thru the whole and tie opposite end. Tape the bungy cord down to keep it secure.


6. Attach the cord to the pinata at the top and secure it tightly.


7. Make sure to cut a hole to add candy and pinata items later.


8. Attach purple tissue paper using tape to secure.


9. Use the dark purple cardstock to make the backpack flap and attach to the top of the backpack.


10. Use Dark purple Cardstock to cut out the side pockets and attach using tape.


11. Cut out the eyes using the dark purple and light purple to make a layered look.  Cut out eyebrows from yellow cardstock and attach.


14. Use the dark purple and red cardstock to make the lips and attach.


16. Final step attach purple backpack straps from cutting 2 in strips length will vary to desired length.


All done, go and enjoy!

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