How to Make Fiesta Fan Ceiling Decorations

how to make fiesta fan ceiling decorations

How to Make Fiesta Fan Ceiling Decorations

What you Need:

– Tissue Paper (Dollar Tree Carries 20 sheets for $1)

– Tape

– Glue Stick

– Fishing Wire


How to Make:

1. Take 1 sheet of your desired color.

2. Take a 2nd sheet and fold in half. Cut on the folded line.

3. Take the glue stick and glue a one half sheet onto the middle of your first sheet.

4. Take the other half sheet and glue on the other side lining it up in the center as the other one.

5. You will now fold in 1 inch folds like a fan, folding every other way until you reach the end.

6. Fold in half. Tape the middle pieces together.

7. When you fan it out you will tape the edge non fold to a fold. Do this for both sides.

8. tape the top 3 fold together in the center on both sides.

9. You will take the fishing wire and snake it thru the taped areas in 3 places. When hanged it will fan out on its own and keep from bunching up.

Each Fan is about 2 1/2 ft in length. These are pretty easy to make. You can use tape on the ends to attach to the walls or use a thumb tack to hold the fishing wire.

Great to mix and match different colors to fit any fiesta theme.


Topic: How to Make Fiesta Fan Ceiling Decorations

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